Dallas Police & Fire Pension Minutes

DPFP Board Meeting Minutes: 2017

Minutes for meetings held by the Dallas Police & Fire Pension Board of Trustees for calendar years 2017 are available below. Minute summaries are included where available. As a reminder, crimes or acts of public corruption committed by Dallas elected officials, trustees and employees can be reported anonymously using the information available at this site.

01/12/17 17BR0112  Regular Monthly Meeting  
02/09/17 17BR0209  Regular Monthly Meeting  
02/14/17 17BS0214  Special Meeting  
02/20/17 17BS0220  Special Meeting  
02/27/17 17BS0227  Special Meeting  
03/09/17 17BR0309  Regular Monthly Meeting  
04/13/17 17BR0413  Regular Monthly Meeting  
05/11/17 17BR0511  Regular Monthly Meeting  
05/17/17 17BS0517  Special Meeting  
05/22/17 17BS0522  Special Meeting  
06/08/17 17BR0608  Regular Monthly Meeting  
07/13/17 17BR0713  Regular Monthly Meeting  
08/10/17 17BR0810  Regular Monthly Meeting